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Lukas Company has been engaged in the cultivation of Caucasian firs (Abies nordmanni) for over 10 years. Our plantations are located in the northern regions of Denmark, to which we have exclusive rights. Many years of experience in the cultivation of trees, diligence and methodical approach to care make that the quality of our trees is appreciated in Poland and Europe. We offer seedlings of Caucasian firs in different classes and sizes from 1 meter to 7 meters. The Caucasian firs are the most popular trees among buyers because of the characteristic shape and colour. The trees are cut by hand saws and we always make sure to rough-hew their lower branches properly.


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plantacja choinek jodła kaukaska

Caucasian fir

Caucasian fir (Abies nordmanniana)

The species of tree belonging to the pine family. It occurs in West Asia, in the Caucasus mountains – in Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Azerbaijan. Caucasian firs are being increasingly grown in forests and planted in parks. They are valued in Western Europe as Christmas trees. In Germany alone, approximately 26 million of Caucasian firs are sold each year. An important producer is Denmark, where it is grown approx. 100 million of Caucasian firs annually and 5 million of them is exported.

plantacja choinek jodły kaukaskiej


Deacidification, fertilization and pruning

During the 10-year cultivation, our firs are subjected to proper care, affecting the regularity of the shape, thickness and color of the needles.
The trees are deacidificationed, seasonally fertilized and pruned. The Caucasian fir is a tree of a noble look which makes it an ideal cut tree for a Christmas tree.

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Origin of our firs

The northern regions of Denmark

Caucasian fir also called the Nordmann fir is a tree grown in Denmark due to the conditions prevailing there which are optimimal for these demanding trees – a mild coastal climate, high humidity, frequent rain, mild winters and hot summers and good quality soil.

Jodła kaukaska idealna na bożonarodzeniowe drzewko

Durability and a noble look

Caucasian fir as a Christmas tree

Caucasian firs are the most durable of all Christmas trees. Needles wither and do not fall from the branch, therefore the tree may be the Christmas decoration for several weeks. Caucasian fir is valued because of the durability and aesthetic aspects – noble look. In addition, the needles are flexible, soft, and do not prick, for that reason it is a perfect tree for families with small children. Caucasian fir is odourless and therefore is recommended for allergy sufferers.

choinki-lukas Terminowe dostawy świeżych drzewek


Delivery of fresh trees on time

The trees are sent in loose packaging, so they arrive to the buyer fresh. There is also a possibility of transport on pallets which is controlled by the owner, who makes sure that there did not occur any accidental damage or negligence.
Fir trees are cut down just before delivery to the customer, they are not put into nets and stay loose at least 24 hours before transport. An important advantage of our company is that we organize trips for customers to our plantations in Denmark, to allow the buyer marking trees personally. Each potential customer receives his numbered label to mark trees or selects a label designated by our company.

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Adjusted to your needs

Our offers are perfectly adjusted to the needs of the wholesale and retail customers. We are able to satisfy both the customers demanding perfection in each needle as well as those who are looking for a bargain offer at a competitive price. At each step, we offer advice and support. The prices and the classes of trees are set individually with the customer, depending on the number of bought trees. There is a possibility of price negotiations. If you are interested in purchasing beautiful Christmas trees at attractive prices, we invite you to cooperation.


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